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Powerful and effective

Kills 99.9% of germs

Potent on corona viruses (and others)

Non-toxic and safe


No chemicals

All natural


Anywhere at home or office

Frequently handled items

Packages and deliveries

Personal use


Keep workers and customers safe in your store, restaurant, or warehouse

People are ready to fight back, and they need a new weapon.
(and you need a new revenue stream)

Whether on the go or in the home, HOCl (hypochlorous acid water) is a powerful ally to have on hand. Literally. As people start going back to work, offices will need to be sanitized and worksites kept clean. Nothing can do the better or safer than HOCl. We are now working with a US/Taiwan bio-tech company to offer you a great opportunity:


  • Low wholesale costs
  • Branding options including private labeling
  • Shipping from US or Asia location
  • Product formulated at 200PPM, which is strong enough for surfaces and safe enough for skin
  • Three sizes available
  • Unmatched customer service


What is HOCl?

HOCl (hypochlorous acid water) is produced naturally in the human body to eradicate dangerous organisms. Reproduced outside of our bodies by scientists, HOCl can kill dangerous organisms as well, wiping out 99.99% of bacteria and fungi, and leaving corona viruses (tests on those most similar to Covid-19) and norovirus undetectable.

Though long hailed for its cleansing and healing properties, it has only recently become available thanks to technological advances that will let it keep its potency up to one year. It is superior to other cleansers and sanitizers on the market as HOCl is perfectly harmless to your skin with zero risk of flammability (unlike alcohol-based). Our product in particular – at 200ppm — can be used on surfaces, hands, wounds, and anywhere else that needs to be perfectly clean.

We would love to work with you to introduce this new weapon to the public.
Contact us now with any questions or to request a price sheet