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Consider Spark to be your very own multilingual staff, laser-focused on finding exactly what your business needs to soar.


It is our sincere hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. Our proximity to China and SE Asia has allowed us to develop a good supply of PPE, particularly nitrile gloves and masks. Our established network has also allowed us to find safe and secure options.  


Contact us, and we will send you a price list and SOP for gloves or other PPE, with average delivery time. This information is changing every day, however, so final prices will have to be on a quote by quote basis.


Stay healthy.

our services


If you are looking for bulk parts, catalog equivalents, parts made to your exact specifications, raw materials, or anything else to help in the manufacturing process, we know where to get it, and only from certified, proven sources.

Business Development

If you are developing a product or a new business, we can help you set up the network you need, from design through to production and delivery.


We are also experienced with the entire OEM process and can help walk clients through the process, from design to delivery. We have also worked with others as contract manufacturers.



Even if you don’t need our help sourcing, we can also help you organize and consolidate all of the projects you have going on in this region. We can help you consolidate goods from multiple suppliers. We can also arrange inspection and evaluation services, as well as help you with re-packaging and palletizing.

With boots on the ground in tariff-free Taiwan, we also have deep connections into China, India, and Korea. Whether your small to mid-size business is developing a new product, wanting to find materials, parts, or hardware, or needs to launch an entire operation – Spark can help you get it done.

our strengths


Not only can we guarantee clear and concise communication with you, but we can guarantee the same with our suppliers, fluently in five different languages.

We can also shake the hands, pass the cards, tell the jokes, and deliver the swag that will help get the best prices from the best suppliers. We aim to be the team that the suppliers like to deal with.

Cultural knowledge

With our deep understanding of the business and underlying cultures in Taiwan, China, India, and Korea, we have a leg up in solidifying partnerships and maintaining happy ones.

technical expertise

There will never be a learning curve with us as we have a team brimming with experience and knowledge.

About us

We are a small, multicultural team, but combined have a few decades of experience. We strive to be the place you can count on for consistent quality and reasonable prices. We will never provide goods or materials that do not meet our quality standards.

We treat every project like it’s our company’s most important. We aren’t just chasing the buck; we are chasing long-lasting partnerships.

Put Us to work

International Call: +886-915803237
SKYPE: drewbliss